Parents, what do you want for your children? What if, as they graduate from high school and emerge into young adulthood they:

  • Love Jesus

  • Walk in anointing

  • Have a playful spirit

  • Choose faith-adventure
  • Are strong

  • Run with courage toward their destiny

These are the very characteristics that God developed in King David during his childhood in a hidden shepherd's field.

But now, what if you discovered that our modern day parenting philosophy is running a bulldozer through the very ecosystem where these qualities are best developed?

Brave Parents, Courageous Kids will expose the toxic myths of modern parenting and show you how to cultivate the best environment in order to raise children who, like David, love Jesus, love life, and live brave.

What Others Are Saying

“Doug's distinctive angle on the hidden childhood of David is a fun and practical read for parents who want to raise kids who love Jesus, love life, and live brave.”

Chad Veach, Lead Pastor of Zoe Church and author of Unreasonable Hope

“In Brave Parents, Courageous Kids, Doug takes aim at one of the most undetected and unchallenged sins in the American church today: the worship of our own children. Anytime our hearts treasure the gift—even the wonderful gift of children—more than the Giver, we find ourselves entrenched in idolatry. The resulting danger to our own emotions and spiritual lives is only rivaled by the potential damage we inflict upon our kids. Doug weaves together stories, research, practical wisdom, and teaching from Scripture in a way that will both challenge you in your shortcomings and offer you hope for a better way forward. As a ministry leader, I am thankful for this book. As a dad to three amazing little girls, I am indebted.”

David Hertweck, Youth & Chi Alpha Director for the New York Ministry Network, author of Good Kids, Big Events & Matching T-Shirts and The Word & The Spirit

“The overwhelming importance of family is inarguable. I am grateful for the recent emphasis on how the family and the church, in partnership, make healthy disciples. Knowing how to do this, however, is another discussion. If you have good seed, planted in good soil, but an unhealthy environment, you will not bear fruit. Doug Witherup draws attention not only to the importance of the family environment but how to cultivate those planted in it. I endorse this book and the resounding message behind it. If we equip parents with the right tools, the giants standing in our way will have to bow.”

Heath Adamson, National Youth Director of the Assemblies of God and author of The Bush is Still Burning

 "Dr. Witherup speaks out with bold clarity and courage against the cultural norm in order to produce pure, playful, and powerful results in the hearts of children. In our twenty-three years of pastoral youth ministry and as parents of six children, we agree that focusing on character-building over a child's performance skill set is not only wise but also critical in avoiding modern forms of childhood stress that lead to less than desired outcomes. If applied practically in the decisions and actions of the everyday family, the principles communicated in Brave Parents, Courageous Kids provide freedom to parents who ultimately desire for their children to thrive but find themselves trapped in the unnecessary pressures of pushing them to do too much, too soon".

Scotty and Casey Gibbons, Scotty is a Teaching Pastor at North Point Church and author of The Big Ten, Carry-on, and Overflow, Casey is a speaker, blogger, and author of A Girl’s Life with God

While the macro theme of the book is centered on parenting, Dr. Doug Witherup also illuminates the myths and toxicity of the youth sports culture in America. Too often the Christian community has been unwilling to wrestle with the difficult task of understanding sport and its relationship to our faith, however Brave Parents, Courageous Kids raises questions which we must consider as parents, believers, and sport enthusiasts.

Duane Aagaard, Ph.D., Professor of Sport Management, Pheiffer University